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"The Last Changeling" an SGA/Fantasy AU series

Rodney McKay is a Changeling: a human kidnapped by fairies and raised by them, in the Fae Realms, while a false duplicate (with a fiery expiration date of ten years) was raised by his parents. Exiled back in the Mortal world at age 14, he eventually comes to find a place for himself at the SGC, inevitably becoming Head of Sciences of the Atlantis Expedition. There a great number of Fae and half Fae find a place, both in the civilian and military ranks, including his head engineer -a full blooded werewolf, the CMO -a 300 year old centaur, and the Military leader of the expedition, who keeps his identity as a vampire a closely held secret.

Unexpected friendships and more are formed, as the expedition discovers the secrets of Atlantis and finds a way to survive and make allies in the distant Pegasus Galaxy.

This is a series in progress, though I have an end point in mind, and promise my readers that I never leave a series unfinished.


Tale the First: Claim
Rodney McKay knew that Radek Zelenka was a werewolf when he hired him, but he didn't know how perfectly they would come to work together, nor just how deep the wolf's devotion ran.

Tale the Second: Revelation
John Sheppard has kept a very dangerous secret about himself for a long time, but when circumstances force its revelation, naturally it is Rodney McKay who is the only witness.

Tale the Third: Protector
Defending his mate from the Wraith during the siege, Radek discovers something about Wolves and Wraith -lore about his own people and their purpose, lost, possibly on purpose, long ago.

Tale the Fourth: New Wings
Major Even Lorne comes to Atlantis, settles in, and learns something unexpected about his CO, and about himself.